Why Is Playing Guitar So Hard? 5 Tips to Make Guitar Easier to Learn

Why Is Playing Guitar So Hard? 

5 Tips to Make Guitar Easier to Learn

How hard is it to learn guitar?

Well, that’s up to you. The most simplistic answer is to figure out how hard you expect it to be. If you expect that it’s going to be insanely difficult, then you are going to have an insanely difficult time learning guitar. Expectations aside, there are ways that you can make guitar a bit easier to learn. These ways work because the most successful students do them without thinking about it. Ready?

Tip 1: Learn to love the process more than the product.

Learning to love the daily feeling of practicing is one of the best ways to make guitar easier to learn. By learning to love the process, you’ll throw out a compulsion to quit rather than to accomplish goals because the goal is to love the process. You’ll very rarely compare yourself to others who are more familiar with the instrument. Comparison is natural but, you’ll use it as fuel instead of frustration. And, You’ll throw out the urgency to get a quick fix.

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Tip 2: Reach out for support when you need it.

Everyone needs support.  That’s why this site is here.  Also… There are tons of peeps in your town, city, school, club, or even job waiting to meet you and play guitar with you. Finding these friends and turning them into allies is such an unbelievably smart move; The more guitarists you know, the shorter the time it’ll take for you to be good at guitar especially when coupled with our courses.

Tip 3: Find a teacher with a reputation to protect Private teachers and tutors know that their reputation depends upon serving their clients well. The best teachers have expertise in their domain of knowledge and a healthy willingness to support and help other people learn. (To the right are online courses with some amazing instructors who have a reputation to maintain).

Tip 4: Bank on absorbing only the most appropriate information.

Be intentional about retaining what  you will learn. The trouble starts if we don’t know what to search for in the first place. So once you are actually being taught make it a duty to be laser focused. My recommendation is not to over-complicate it (see our list to the right).

Tip 5: Make practicing a routine

Get practice done each day at the same exact time of each day. This creates a beneficial habit. Creating routines and habits out of practicing, out of the process, is such a smart move. All it takes is finding the balance. For most beginners, it means practicing at the same time each day, practicing deliberately, and practicing for smaller intervals of time. It is recommended doing a minimum of five minutes of practice per day for beginners, tops. This is manageable. You can afford to practice five minutes a day, every day, at the same time and place right? It’s easier to do than you think, and it will make guitar far easier to learn. Not only that but you can learn to play guitar on five minutes each day.

Are you willing to make five minutes a day into a habit? 

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