Hi…Guys and Gals,

Thank you for stopping by our site.  We have an agenda and that is to cut through the fat and give you all clear tools and tips that you can benefit from.

As guitar enthusiast we’ve gone through A LOT of the vomit that’s out there regarding guitar lessons.

It’s just way toooooo much info on the world wide web that why we’re ecstatic that you’re here.

So, we’re about the NO B.S. approach to offering you products that we feel are at a good price and GREAT quality for your buck.

Only (3) Categories in which we call the Three Bees: 

  1. Begin It. (0 to 1 Year of Playing No Skill or Scales)
  2. Better It. (3 to 5 Years of Consistent Playing Finger Tips are Blistered and At Least 5 Scales)
  3. Beast It. (10 Years + and Still Understand That You Don’t Know It All)

These of course aren’t concrete assessments of you NOR do they sum you up as a person or player.

They are just quick assessments.

Based on your own thoughts of our quick assessments…Which one are you?

Pick a course to the right or click one above and LET THE SHREDDING BEGIN!!!

Get Online Guitar Lessons today at
Get Online Guitar Lessons today at