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Are You “Over 50, 60, 70?”…Play Your First Song on the Guitar in Days!


Meet Chris who is 55 at the time of this encouragement.

Chris says,”when I’m playing a guitar its relaxing and when I’m playing and singing it’s physically energizing and in exhilarating. It’s sometimes almost addictive.  I am 55 years of age.  When I was 50, I was bought a guitar and given it as a gift. I got that guitar at a time where I started not to really care about how ‘I was too old.’ For me at that point, it was more about just enjoying the process of what I was doing. This is the ‘me’ time I need. Life excites me. “

What about guitar lessons over the age of 50?

“As far as playing guitar over the age of 50, the song 24 Roses (24 Rosas) came around that time. The song 24 Roses (24 Rosas) came about because it was my daughter’s birthday.  Thinking back I must’ve been 52 years old then. So, I’ve been playing the guitar for two years at that point.  The idea of writing a song came to me. It was a terrible recording…LOL.  But, no guts no glory. At least I got it to her. 24 Roses (24 Rosas) yeah… something special. I wrote 24 Roses (24 Rosas) mainly in a place where often come to write sometimes.  Songs come to me sometime as ideas, sometimes its rhymes, or sometimes it is a full song.”

How have you conquered the fear of trying something new at the age of 50 and older?

“When I was younger the idea of getting older was scary. The idea that I’d be thinking about death. What I’d really like is the Viking funeral…LOL. Like in the movies, being put on a boat pushed out into the sea and the scene where somebody with flaming a arrow shoots it.”

What advice would you offer to men and women in their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s?

“For those wanting to play guitar over age 50 or do anything adventurous at that age… the one bit of advice I’ve given to my kids about life is to really enjoy the moment. So, pick up that guitar and simply enjoy it. Enjoy what’s going on around you. The future is open and the present is open.  If you’re reading this and you feel initially that you’re too old to start learning and instrument… just pick it up and enjoy it!  It’s just about engaging the instrument and you having some fun.”

Don’t quit.

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