Enthusiasm On The Guitar

This is a article about enthusiasm on the guitar.

Some people associate enthusiasm with beginners luck.

For the majority of beginning guitarist enthusiasm never seems to last.

We’ll go over how your enthusiasm for guitar may or may not last forever.

And we’ll go over what to replace that lack of enthusiasm with.

The period when most guitarist first start learning guitar is marked by enthusiasm.

When you first start learning guitar it’s exciting! It’s fun and adventurous, BUT… that may not last forever.

This enthusiastic moment may pass, and your enthusiasm could be at an all time low.

So, what happens when our initial buzz of enthusiasm for the guitar passes?

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That experience is what Seth Godin called The Dip, right after we lose our beginner’s luck.

You must persist.

The dip is a period where our motivation is down, our practice seems uninspired, and our labor seems forced.

You must persist.

No matter what pursuit you choose, no matter how awesome the activity that you are engaged with currently, the honeymoon will end one day, and your beginners luck will be gone.

Most beginners to guitar quit when they experience the dip, and it doesn’t have to be this way at all.

Don’t quit…persist!

What we need to do is prepare for The Dip BEFORE our beginner’s luck wears off.

If you choose to be conscious of the fact that that the honeymoon will end, you’re making a very wise decision for the future of your hobby or profession of guitar.

After all, enthusiasm is not much of a long-distance runner.

It needs to be replaced with something different than just “more” enthusiasm.

It needs to be replaced with momentum.

Momentum is self-perpetuating fuel.

Momentum is the wind in our sails.

Momentum is the feeling of daily satisfaction we get learning and practicing and learning guitar, simply because it’s a part of our lives.

Once we have momentum, we don’t think about how enthusiastic we are about guitar.

Once we have momentum we play guitar because we’re compelled to do it, day after day.

So, how can we turn the enthusiasm into momentum?  Sure…

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